Boa Constrictor

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At these snacks you should not be a detester,
We all love them, sooner or eventually.
    Chop potatoes a bunch,
    Then fry in a crucible,
And your side dish will be even magnificenter.

When Kanye raps at a great speed,
Or Kendrick Lamar makes a pleasantry
    The party won't terminate
    'Cause this song is a banger
It's a genre that you should not forgo!

This thing is a curse that's gothic,
One glance can cause quite the turmoil.
    It could make you weep,
    Or possibly perish,
Or make your existence prehistoric.

It really is terribly incorrect,
That although our friendship is powerful,
    Our paths haven't intersected
    And I've incurred such a price,
And that's why I wrote you this refrain.

What can you do when you're Lilliputian,
That also is fun when you're Brobdingnagian?
    There are shows on proscenia,
    That are quite the fashions,
And everyone will have a party.

This rodent is really quite devious,
The situations he's in are oft problematic.
    He lives in a domicile,
    With Minnie, his partner,
And in his food choice he's never that selective.

This ruler from fiction I enjoy,
He's quite like Napoleon the swine.
    One after the alternative,
    Our rights he does suffocate,
And every election he'll manipulate.

This country's most peopled city's Bombay.
The Greek alphabet starts with THIS letter.
The ear-biting Tyson causing a stir.
Congrats! Hooray! Kudos! Huzzah! And yay!
African nation's name is blank Leone.
The first of words in posh Milan autos.
This word second in posh Milan autos.
Hearing yourself upon speaking by phone.
This Southern tribe (Africa) fought Britain.
A nymph, her voice, stolen by Hera's curse.
Character Shakespeare wrote a play in verse.
A trash can this muppet likes to sit in.
Alexa's smart speaker, its light glowy.
A range, blank Nevada, with peaks snowy.

I assert inconsistencies?
Too bad for you, I assert inconsistencies,
(I occupy volume, I embody multitudes.)

This song venerates arms plus person, that originally from Trojan coasts
driven fatefully toward Italy's Lavinian shores,
Gods' passions, including Junonian vengeance,
Have thrown endlessly from land onto seas.

League halves, league halves,
League halves onward,
Wholly amidst death's valley
Rushed thirty scores.
"Invade, Nimble Patrol!
Attack cannon!" leader stated.
Toward death's valley
Rushed thirty scores.

I ate
the prunes
the icebox
the prunes
you presumably
for brunch
I beg pardon
prunes are delectable
and sugary
and frosty

Resist placid motion toward benign Erebus,
Dotage should scorch, scream during sunset;
Seethe, seethe versus light's demise.

Methinks, unsure, woodland's ownership,
Owner's home downtown though;
They won't notice that we're stopping here
Watching this forest fill with snow.

Was brillig, and the slimy toves
Did whirl and gimbled among the wabes.
All mimsy was the borogrove,
And the mom raths outgrabed.

Wow! I and you, erstwhile spear Danes,
heard the people's kings' power
praised, and great honor the athelings won.

Germinal's a cruellest moon, begetting
Lavenders from dead land, commixing
Mnemosyne with lust, inspiring
Dull root with Apriltide rain.

Regard the Things I did, O Mighty, and capitulate!
Nought beside withstands. Around the gargantuan
Wreck's debris, monotonous and barren
The lonely and horizontal wastelands extend far off.

A lady with a lute
In a mind trip once I saw:
It was a maid from Cush
And on her lute she did play,
And sing of a peak of Cush.
If I were to call once more in me
Her air and song,
To such a deep joy it were to win me,
That with tune loud and long,
I will make that dome in air,
That dome of sun! that cave of ice!
And all who hear will see them here,
And all will cry, Take care! Take care!
His eyes that burn, his mane of hair!
Knit a disk to ring him oft,
And shut your eyes with holy fear
For he on dew of bees hath fed
And had the milk of Eden.

And so, in each late hour, I lie down by the side
Of my dear—my dear—my life and my wife,
In her home for the dead down by the sea—
In her tomb by the low sea.

I Sami.
Sami I.
That Sami-Which-I'm-Named!
That Sami-Which-I'm-Named!
I don't like that Sami-Which-I'm-Named!
Dost thou like
Virescent omelettes with pork?