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Start at Mathcamp headquarters. Walk down a green path until you see a four-digit number. Go towards it.

Upon doing so, you will see the Lewis & Clark reflecting pool. To its left, you will see some directions. Follow them to continue.

After following the directions, you will see a numbered gate. Just beyond it, you will see the green path you started on. Go down the path the same number of signposts as the number on the gate.

To the right, you should see a bridge with nine people on it. Far to the left, you will see a three-letter abbreviation. Go towards the abbreviation.

Now, the road will fork into seven possible options for how to continue; take the final option.

You should now see Portland right in front of you. Go past it, and past an approximation of pi, and you'll see a green baton. Go towards it.

At this point, you'll see some pictures of fruit on a white background. Go past all the fruit, to the very end of the white area, and you'll see yet another green baton. Go towards it.

When you get to this location, you'll find two people trying to give you advice. As is often the case, the first is a truth-teller and the latter a liar, so approach the first.

Uh oh! Looks like things have gone a bit wrong. Nevertheless, you still see a green road you can follow. Take it until you see a red circle, and follow the first road directly after it.

You'll encounter a snowy scene, and to its immediate left a list of important occasions. Go towards this list.

Take four steps to get to this point. Go past the well. The next word you see is the answer.