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Fifth Third Library of MCSP

In 2016, the Fifth Third Library of MCSP began issuing book loans to Mathcampers.

Guy Montag burns Shelob to save Frodo.log3(logT(B+61))
This book chronicles many generations of the Buendía family in London after being released from the Bastille.sqrt(GM)/D
The Tralfamadorians capture Athos, Porthos, and Aramis and put them in a zoo.D*V-1
Captain Nemo helps liberate Arabia from the Ottomans.(L!*4-V)/10 - 5
Sherlock Holmes investigates accusations of witchcraft in a home in Salem, MA where Major Sholto stashed his stolen treasure.((H*CD)-1)/(H-CD)
Every time Yossarian tries to remove his cap, another one appears.S-H2-2
Winston Smith is captured and sold to William Prince Ford.(O-(N*100))/(N+100)
The true confessions of Cruela de Vil turned out to be a lie, and were denounced by Oprah.(F-S3+3*S2-2*S-5)/5
Pooka MacPhellimey befriend Laila in Kabul.ceil(logO(H))+O
A boy circumnavigates the globe while on a lifeboat with a tiger.sin(M/4)8 * V
The "true north" principles described in this book include disguising mailboxes as waste bins.(P+1)/logC(P)