Fifth Third Library of MCSP

Each sentence combines the plots or characters of two different books with numbers in their title. The numbers in the title replace their authors' last initial(s) in the given equation to yield a number that can be converted to a letter:

ClueBook 1Book 2EquationNumberLetter
Guy Montag burns Shelob to save Frodo.Farenheit 451The Two Towerslog3(log2(451+61))2B
This book chronicles many generations of the Buendía family in London after being released from the Bastille.One Hundred Years of SolitudeA Tale of Two Citiessqrt(100)/25E
The Tralfamadorians capture Athos, Porthos, and Aramis and put them in a zoo.Slaughterhouse-FiveThe Three Musketeers3*5-114N
Captain Nemo helps liberate Arabia from the Ottomans.Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the SeaSeven Pillars of Wisdom(7!*4-20000)/10-511K
Sherlock Holmes investigates accusations of witchcraft in a home in Salem, MA where Major Sholto stashed his stolen treasure.The Sign of the FourThe House of the Seven Gables(7*4-1)/(7-4)9I
Every time Yossarian tries to remove his cap, another one appears.Catch-22The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins500-222-214N
Winston Smith is captured and sold to William Prince Ford.Nineteen Eighty-FourTwelve Years a Slave(1984-12*100)/(12+100)7G
The true confessions of Cruela de Vil turned out to be a lie, and were denounced by Oprah.The Hundred and One DalmatiansA Million Little Pieces(1000000-1013+3*1012-2*101-5)/519S
Pooka MacPhellimey befriend Laila in Kabul.At Swim-Two-BirdsA Thousand Splendid Sunsceil(log2(1000))+212L
A boy circumnavigates the globe while on a lifeboat with a tiger.Around the World in Eighty DaysLife of Pisin(pi/4)8*805E
The "true north" principles described in this book include disguising mailboxes as waste binThe 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleThe Crying of Lot 49(49+1)/log7(49)25Y

The answer is therefore BEN KINGSLEY.