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Each video features songs by winners of the Eurovision Song Contest. After identifying the artists, one places the cities of their Eurovision wins on a map, and connects the dots in each video. This yields four paths, each looking like an English letter, and reading these spells ESAU, the answer. Here is the map one gets.

Here are the artists, songs, and cities they won in.

Win cityArtistSong
HelsinkiMarija Šerifović11
OsloLenaTraffic Lights
RigaSertab ErenerBelki de Dönerim
DusseldorfEll & NikkiMusic’s Still Alive
KievSalvador SobralMano a Mano

Win cityArtistSong
CopenhagenConchita WurstHit Me
AmsterdamBrotherhood of ManFigaro
ViennaMåns ZelmerlöwHappyland
LuganoLys AssiaOh Mein Papa

Win cityArtistSong
LisbonNettaBassa Sababa
OsloEimear QuinnCodail a Linbh
AthensLordiThe Riff
BelgradeDima BilanDerzhi
BrightonABBADancing Queen

Win cityArtistSong
DublinCéline DionIt’s All Coming Back To Me Now
MadridLuluTo Sir With Love
CopenhagenGigliola CinquettiAlle Porte Del Sole