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This place is crazy! Absolutely batty! Loony! Or, you know, one letter off of that fruit associated with being crazy. Great place to retire after directing Mathcamp!

I came here expecting museums full of paintings, which wasn't quite what I got, but it was still worth it.

I was sure they'd speak Greek here, based on the name, but I was so wrong! It's not even spelled like the letter, but I had my hopes. Still a great place to visit!

I have so much to say about this island! I could annoy you endlessly going on and on and on about it... which is fitting, given its name!

Some of these islands are really tiny! This one sounded like it'd be a thousandth the size of the others, but it's actually one of the larger ones here. Who knew!

The cookie fairies should come here! Nut-free pistachio, birthday cake, red velvet... they've got all the crazy varieties!

This vacation has been miserable! We've all been sick to our stomachs, which is maybe no surprise because this island sounds like someone throwing up twice. Let's visit again when we're well!

Did you know that people sometimes misspell this island to be like the name of a perennial Mathcamp visitor? That's silly, because it's instead spelled like a mentor!

We could only stay on this island briefly, and I have SO many regrets. Too bad, just like the island's name!

I was scared to come here since it shares its name with a Roman goddess of war, but it turned out to be a fine place to visit. Fun times!

Is there also a two and a three and a four version of this island? I hope so, because this island was excellent!