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For what purpose do they use serrated cutting tools in Poland? (1)

With what warlike people does actor Oldman identify in Europe? (1)

What distance do they travel in North Dakota? (2)

What did they build out of hotdogs in Kentucky? (4)

What do they make out of elephants in Africa? (4)

Rather than the floor, what would be too hot too touch in Slovakia? (2)

How would you describe Noah's boat in New Jersey? (2)

What do prisoners make in New Hampshire? (4)

What stylish adjective was used in the past in Illinois? (3)

What era is it in Alaska? (2)

What caused a fuss in the United States? (3)

Which letter describes an adult male in the Middle East? (1)

When do they celebrate gold in Alaska? (2)

What building is pretty big in Estonia? (1)

How quickly do they measure sound intensity in the U.K.? (3)

What do they use to play billiards in the U.K.? (2)

What might they find in the family room in Europe? (2)

Which logic gate has a road named after it in Europe? (1)

Which body of water is the most eco-friendly in Wisconsin? (2)