Bus Ride (Kickoff)

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We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo.
How about you, you, you.
You can come too, too, too.
We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo.
K: Wow, I’m glad everybody made it on the bus. I’m so excited for this field trip!
V: I love buses! Let’s play contact!
K: Hey wait, we’re almost there.
V: I think I can see it! Oh my goodness, I know where we’re going!
K: That’s right, we’re going to the zoo!
V: I didn’t make it to the zoo field trip, so we decided to go again. I’m so excited to explore the zoo! What’s in this zoo?
K: Well, there are five sections. See, it says on your zoo pamphlet. For starters, there’s the Aquarium for sea creatures, a big park called Saharaland, and the Magic Kingdom.
V: What’s in the Magic Kingdom?
K: I think that’s where they store all the mythological creatures.
V: Wow, cool! Then it says here there’s also a Snake Shack, which must be where the snakes live, and a Dead Shed.
K: Why would a zoo have a Dead Shed?!
V: That’s where all the dead animals live.
K: Oh. Duh.
V: Hey look, the Dead Shed and the Snake Shack have fewer exhibits. I bet I’d want to spend longer on average at each one.
K: What’s this final exhibit? That’s so mysterious.
V: I don’t know, it looks like there’s a page missing from my zoo pamphlet. I’m not even sure where to go, there’s just a big question mark on the map.
K: OK, well, maybe we can go to other parts of the zoo, and if we meet enough of the people in charge in those places, we’ll be able to find the final exhibit.
V: How many is enough?
K: Any three is enough, I think.
V: Great, then we can enjoy the zoo along the way! Let’s do it!
K: In just a bit we will release you all in groups to classrooms where you can explore the zoo with your team. Good luck and have fun!