Finding Nemo

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To solve this puzzle, designate two of your team members as Marlin and Dory.

Start at the main entrance to Copeland, and go up the stairs.

In front of you, you’ll see a red teardrop. Go to its end and keep walking straight.

Stop at a yellow bump on the road, then turn right and follow the road.

Go towards hanging flowerpots, then walk with them on your right.

Go until you see a black pole surrounded by rocks, then turn left to go up.

Follow a red path, a black path, and another red path.

Go towards a clock. Underneath it you’ll find a metal door.

Walk through one metal door and out another.

Walk towards a blue light, and turn right after it.

Go straight past five sets of stairs, three on the right and two on the left.

Find an orange circle on a black pole.

Under the orange circle, find a four-pointed star, and walk in the direction of its one labeled letter.

Go down a ramp. Stop when you see two covered cylinders, and turn right.

Stop when you see two arrows on the ground, and go in the direction they indicate, but do not pass the arrows.

Stop when you see a cross, and go towards it.

Stop when you see a white sea turtle swimming in a blue square. Turn right, go up two stairs, then down 24 stairs.

Go through two sets of doors, then find the biggest word on number 2080. Dory should memorize this word. Turn around and find Dory’s word, and walk towards it.

Just before reaching Dory’s word, find another instance of Dory’s word further away. Go there.

When you get there, you’ll see yet another instance of Dory’s word. Turn away from it, and go through the pair of doors. At this point, Dory is allowed to forget the word.

Find an orange pi and walk away from it, then go towards a spiral of spheres. Walk around the spiral.

Find two signs with the word "Reserved" on them. Walk between them and follow the path to a low stone wall.

Walk to its left towards another stone wall, and walk to the left of that one.

Find a third stone wall and walk away from it, towards an alliterative sign. Walk past it to a fork in the road, and turn right.

Walk until you see a waterfall.

Walk past the waterfall to a bench and a plaque inscribed EJZ, then walk towards two yellow poles.

Keep following the path past a set of stairs, and stop when a new set of stairs comes into view.

You’ve made it back to the sea! Look up towards the water’s surface and you’ll find the answer to this puzzle.