Monkey Monkey Puzzle Puzzle

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The piffle tells the monkey all about its travels.

The first thing I tried was this jelly-like substance made from algae. That was at this spa town in Germany. I also had the best hotpot there, and the owners of the restaurant had the cutest poofy dog! I got bitten by a bloodsucking fly when I visited a crater in Tanzania. But I happened to find a nice Hawaiian restaurant there, where I ate some fish. They had some great music there; I love Imogen Heap! Next I went to a lovely little town on Campbell Island in British Columbia. I found a Tim Horton's and ordered coffee—the Canadian way! For lunch I had stew with that middle Eastern cereal dish. In the evening I went dancing, and I mostly danced that fast Latin dance. On the train back I read Catch-22. That one character is the funniest! Finally I visited that prison north of New York City. On the way back I bought a large green fruit. It had a creamy inside, sort of like a custard apple or soursop.

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