Mathcamp 2018 Puzzle Hunt

Welcome to the Mathcamp 2018 Puzzle Hunt!

The Hunt begins with a Kickoff.

Solvers must find A Present for Piglet.

Once you've found the present, Don't Forget to Sign In!

About This Hunt

The Puzzle Hunt is a really fun field trip! Our goal is for you to have an excellent day.

The event begins with Kickoff at on Sunday, July 21st at 9am in Coolbaugh 209. The puzzles> begin 15 minutes after we leave Kickoff, and we will accept answers until 5:30pm. We will run a wrap-up event in Coolbaugh 209 at 6:30pm.

Note that Rules 0 through 4 still apply during puzzle hunt. In particular:

Have fun, and good luck on your quest!