Mathcamp 2018 Puzzle Hunt: Kickoff

MARISA: Welcome, campers! In just a few minutes we will begin the 2018 Mathcamp Puzzle Hunt!

VIV:  To make it easier for you to enjoy the hunt, we’ve decided to begin the day with sign-in.

MARISA: That’s right! We’ve rescheduled sign-in to last from 8 AM to 10 AM today. Let’s begin by signing in all the teams, and then we won’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day.

VIV:  I’m so excited about this, I brought all the sign-in hats here to the Puzzle Hunt kickoff. Marisa, let’s pick out our favorite sign-in hats so that we can sign in all the campers.

[Loud stomping is heard off-stage.]

VIV:  Wait! I think I hear the footsteps of a bear! Quick, hide!

[Viv and Marisa run and hide. The Winnie-the-Pooh theme starts playing. Winnie the Pooh comes on stage. He is inspecting various items dejectedly.]

POOH:  No, no, this won't do at all. Oh, this is a Terrible and Sad Day! None of these things would make a good present for Piglet!

[Pooh looks at the audience]

POOH:  Also, in all this excitement, I have completely forgotten to eat second breakfast!

[Pooh looks around and spots the box of sign-in hats]

POOH:  Aha! This is just what I wanted! I'm sure Piglet would love one of these hats! Or two of them! Or maybe all of them!

[Pooh grabs the box of sign-in hats and runs away with it. Pause. Viv and Marisa slowly emerge from their hiding places.]

VIV:  Well, it could be worse. The bear didn’t eat any of the campers.

MARISA: I mean, everybody knows that Winnie the Pooh isn’t a Malicious and Evil Bear. But what are we going to do about sign-in? Without the hats, we won’t be able to sign in any of the campers...

VIV:  Maybe we could convince Winnie the Pooh to give us back the sign-in hats?

MARISA:  If we find a better present for Piglet, we just might be able to arrange a trade. But where could we get such a thing?

VIV:  Well, we have a bunch of puzzle hunt teams right here. Let’s ask them to find a present for Piglet!

MARISA: So you want to send teams of campers into the Hundred-Acre Woods on a desperate mission to find something that Winnie the Pooh would consider a good present?

VIV:  Yeah!

MARISA:  Okay! [Beat.] Aren’t the campers going to get lost in the Hundred-Acre Woods, unable to find their way back to camp?

VIV: Don’t worry about it! I mean, I’m sure they’ll find their way out of the Hundred-Acre Woods after a few hours...

MARISA:  Wait, but what about sign-in? We rescheduled it, so it’s going to be over by 10 AM! The campers will never get back in time to sign in!

VIV:  That sounds like a problem for future us. For now, let’s just try to find a present for Piglet!

MARISA: Okay, so in just one moment we will send you, in groups of 7 to 11, to classrooms in the Hundred-Acre Woods. If you make any progress looking for a present for Piglet, please let us know!

VIV: Rules 0 through 4 still apply during puzzle hunt. In particular:

VIV: It’s almost time to begin! We have folders for each team suggesting likely locations where you might find a present for Piglet. Please send one team member to pick up a folder, but don’t open it until [time: +15 minutes].

MARISA: We have a website; the URL is in your folder. This website will let you confirm answers, or request help if you’re feeling stuck or not having fun. The website will start working at [time + 15 minutes].

Have fun and good luck!