Plate Quiz

Every clue can be answered by a 7 letter word using the letters of PLATE along with two others:

ClueAnswerExtra Letters
What adjective describes a leaf with several lobes whose midribs all radiate from one point?PALMATEMA
What motor club founded in 1902 can you join for roadside assistance?TRIPLE ARI
What do you call the roofs of mouths?PALATESSA
What adjective describes a skirt with folds, like a kilt?PLEATEDDE
What word means "safe to drink"?POTABLEBO
What assembly constituency in India contains the village of Pethuchettypet?LAWSPETWS
What would you call a legend on a cadastral map in the US?PLAT KEYKY

(Note that the extra letters come in an arbitrary order which solvers must resolve.)

The answer is MARISA DEBOWSKY.