The Mathcamp Puzzle Junta

Every puzzle is a variant on a Mathcamp tradition or significant cultural event. In particular, a key word from the original has been replaced. These original words can be found, with one letter changed, in the puzzle answers:
PuzzleTraditionAnswerChanged Letter
Plate QuizBOWL Quizmarisa deBOWSkyS
Cape TuesdaySARONG Tuesdayneil armSTRONGT
The D IThe CROW Invasioncindy CRAWfordA
Name for the GalaxyRACE for the GalaxymiRA BErnsteinB
Lemon RatingsCHILI Ratingswinston churCHILLL
Fifth Third Library of MCSPFifth Third BANK of MCSPBEN KingsleyE
Vroom VroomBUS BUSSUSan durstS
Hand FunctionsNOSE FunctionsjaNE SEymourE
Dans' ConditionerDan's SHAMPOOjameS HAMPTOnT

Reading the changed letters yields STABLE SET, which describes the order the junta must bring as well as the independence with which they must act.