Round One Metapuzzle.

Supplementary Problems


Apply the following steps to your four solutions to receive the final answer. For the purpose of this puzzle, a string is defined to be a (possibly empty) sequence of the letters A through Z. The alphanumeric representation of a letter is its ASCII value minus the ASCII value of @.

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  1. Concatenate the answers to Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, in that order. If you have already done this step, go to step 6; otherwise, go to step 2.
  2. Skip step 1.
  3. Do step 1 again.
  4. Add LY to the end of your string.
  5. Convert the string to a number base 37, square it, and reconvert to a string base 42.
  6. Pad with the letters GO seven times in front and NG twelve times in the back. Your answer should have at least 42 characters.
  7. Replace even letters with I.
  8. Caesar-shift each letter (after the second letter) by one less than the sum of the previous two letters.
  9. Replace every even single-letter Roman numeral with the letter corresponding to half of its value (mod 26).
  10. From now on, skip all prime-numbered steps.
  11. Skip even-numbered steps.
  12. Remove the first four letters of your string, and add the antonym of this word to the end.
  13. Replace all vowels by the next letter of the alphabet.
  14. Replace every K by NSW.
  15. Remove the sixth-to-last letter and add the two letters which precede it alphabetically to the end of the string.
  16. Remove the last seven letters.
  17. Remove the last five letters.
  18. Insert the string MCSP into the center of your string (replacing the middle letter, if it exists).
  19. Replace MCSP with its meaning.
  20. Add the day on which what we are doing is math to the end of the string.
  21. Take every letter whose alphanumeric representation is prime and Caesar-shift them by sixteen.
  22. If the string is longer than 15 characters, take every tenth letter from the end and switch it with the letter five before it; otherwise, remove the first two characters.
  23. Go to step 1.
  24. Replace every U by the word OF, and remove every letter whose alphanumeric representation is equal to two raised to an odd power.
  25. Remove the last eight characters.
  26. Add the completion of the following phrase (without spaces) to the beginning of the string: In _____ _____, puzzles hunt you!
  27. Replace every three-letter verb meaning ?compete? which appears in your string with LU.
  28. Replace the name of every large country appearing in your string with charged particles.
  29. Go back to the beginning, but ignore step 10.
  30. Remove the first nine letters of the string.
  31. Bring Team madwit a delicious meal.
  32. Remove the middle n letters of your string, where n is the absolute value of the length of your string.
  33. Add the string removed in step A130237(6) to the end of your string.
  34. Add the string removed in step A130237(7) to the beginning of your string.
  35. Add the string removed in step A130237(4) to the beginning of your string.
  36. Add the string removed in step A130237(5) to the end of your string.
  37. Replace your string with `METACONUNDRUMSOLUTIONPHRASE'.