When you've solved the Excavation meta,
unlock the next round.
(Spoilers for the current round if you proceed!)
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????????? ???????
Solve all NASA puzzles.
?????? ?????
Solve the NASA meta.
Write a haiku about the meteor.
????? ??????
Solve ____le to learn more about this achievement.
????? ????? ??????? ?????
Photograph your team at lunch.
???? ??? ????????
Solve all Excavation puzzles.
????? ???????
Solve the Excavation meta.
Pet Pete, with photographic evidence.
??? ?? ?????
Pose as Sam de Champ founding Champlain College.
????? ??????????
????? ?????
??? ????

A giant meteor is heading towards earth!!!

NASA has recruited the best problem solvers it can, and tasked you with solving this problem in any way possible. Along the way, recruit other exceptional allies as you form the Meteor Crisis Strike Personnel!


The solution is clear:

Only the might of the dinosaurs, and their fabled dinomite explosive, might be able to destroy the meteor.

What did you say? The dinosaurs don't have a good track record with meteors? That's nonsense; everyone knows they were so advanced that they left Earth to find new worlds.

Start excavating ancient artifacts to figure out how to go back in time to the dinosaur age!