Wow, just how lucky am I?

Dream diary, last night I found myself entering a strange new world… it even had a name written in big stone letters. I’m ecxited to explore it! Strangely, I notcied that the name of the world was spelled icnorrectly.

Dream diary, last night I was counting sheep. As I approached a flock of 10 sheep, I noticed that strangely, all in all the flock had two adult black sheep, one adult brown sheep, one adult gray sheep, one adult light gray sheep, four adult white sheep, and one baby black sheep.

Dream diary, last night was scary! I walked down a spiral staircase into this underground fortress. It had prison cells, fountains, even a library... Finally I found a dead-end room with stairs leading up to this large horizontal rectangular turquoise frame. As I ascended the stairs I saw, strangely, that the frame was already filled with an inky-black portal...

Dream diary, last night I was exploring next to a sweltering sea of lava, when suddenly a herd of pigs wearing clothing and walking on two legs attacked me! Fortunately they calmed down when they saw I was carrying gold. I even traded them my 396 gold bricks. I don’t remember exactly what they gave me in return, but I remember that strangely, they gave me pearls in return exactly 47 times.

Dream diary, last night I stepped through that portal from two nights prior and found myself alone in a bleak expanse with a black dragon flying overhead. I ran until my eye caught a pink flower growing on a purple tree. I measured the height of this flower, and strangely, found it was at a height of 15 meters above the ground.