Don't Forget to Sign In!

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Edward Bear, known to his friends as Winnie-the-Pooh,
or Pooh for short, was walking through the Colorado
School of Mines one day, humming worriedly to himself.
All he had wanted was to find a present for Piglet!
But now sign-in might be ruined for everybody.

Even if, as it might be, the campers find another hat,
they would still be trapped inside the Hundred-Acre
Woods, so they would all miss sign-in.

And even if, should it so happen, the campers escape,
that wouldn't be enough: the staff had moved sign-in
to the morning, from 8 AM to 10 AM, so they would
all miss sign-in.

How can we save Pooh from being a Very Silly Bear?

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Teams also received this mysterious artifact...

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An Educational Video

Missing sign-in is serious business! Make a 6-second video, with at least four different clips, depicting the horrors that await those who miss sign-in. Email your public service announcement to for a free puzzle answer.