A Present for Piglet

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Winnie the Pooh has taken all the sign-in hats in a misguided attempt to find a birthday present for Piglet! But Piglet wouldn't look very good in a purple squid hat or a green cap. To save sign-in, you must explore and find a better hat to give him.

An Area with Big Stones and Rocks

A Pile of Blocks

Audio/Visual Equipment Closet

Denver Botanical Garden

Hall of Justice

In the Park

On The Runway

The Islands of the Cartesian Sea

The Sixth Floor Games Lounge

Bears Need Their Hunny

(And Campers Need Their Food.)
Take a picture of every member of your team eating lunch and email it to mcsphunt2018@gmail.com for a free puzzle answer.

A Card For Piglet

Piglet loves poems that are at least 14 lines long. Please write Piglet a birthday poem with the following properties:

  1. In the style of: the game of 4; iambic pentameter; and/or A.A. Milne
  2. On the topic of: hiking in the Hundred-Acre Woods; Ring Theory; and/or friendship
  3. Featuring: a character from Winnie the Pooh; one of Mathcamp's sign-in hats; and/or Wheatridge, Colorado

Email your masterpiece to mcsphunt2018@gmail.com for a free puzzle answer.